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POLL: Who are you voting for New Bedford mayor?


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  1. I just don’t get it. Yes, Mayor Mitchell seems to be a real decent man but why in the world would anyone want to reelect an individual with his track record. You can say what you want but the facts and numbers tell us something else.
    We are in mid-October and there are over 80 positions unfilled in New Bedford Public Schools. That information is posted today, Oct 21st, on schoolspring.com. That does not take into consideration positions that may already be considered filled by long term substitute teachers. Maybe none, I hope.

    The 2015 10th grade MCAS results were less than desirable: The first set of numbers are for 2014, the second set of numbers are for 2015 with the percent change up or down at the end.
    2014 / 2015 2014 / 2015 % change
    ELA 66% / 67% advance/prof. & 34% / 33% needs improve./warn./fail. +1%
    Math 40% / 42% 60% / 58% +2%
    Sci 36% / 34% 64% / 66% -2%
    I don’t believe that those numbers are acceptable for any teacher, school and/or district administrator in this city. After paying 200 thousand dollars to remove the prior superintendent this mayor and school committee hired a replacement. She was espousing a 40% increase in student performance in her first year, and required educators to write that into their plans. It has been two and a half years and the district under this central administration and school committee are no where near obtaining those kinds of results. In addition to that they want to renew her contract at almost 600 thousand dollars before this election. While on the flip side of the coin we know at least 225 to possibly over 400 administrators and/or educators have either retired or moved on to other districts seeking employment. That is almost a 20-40% turnover in the educational staff in less than two and a half years. The numbers don’t add up.
    Promises and/or possibilities unmet. Remember the Wind Farm and Casino.
    The statistics on crime handed down to us by the state.
    People of the city of New Bedford if you want more of the same do what you did in the primary and stay home, but don’t complain later. The present course is not looking good. The best way to predict the future possibilities is to look at the past performances/trends. We do have a record, a record that lacks accomplishments. It is a a record that says it is time for a change.
    Maria Giesta is one of our own. New Bedford born and raised. A product of our local schools. A self made woman who rose to high levels in Washington working for one of the most powerful congressman in The House of Representatives, Congressman Barney Frank. Whether you liked his politics or not he was greatly respected on both sides of the isle for his conviction to fight for what he believed in. She not only learned but worked closely with this master politician who knew how to get things done. Maria Giesta holds those same convictions, a desire to fight for what she believes and she believes in New Bedford. Maybe you should believe in her and give her your vote on this November 3rd.
    P.S. If you are inspired by this message to take action, whether it be for Giesta or not, share it with your friends.

  2. It seems likely Mitchell has an Internet service rigging this poll. This guy has got to go!

  3. Wind farm? You misunderstood. They are always blowing wind out their mouths and out their . . . https://youtu.be/h_3jndTQdyE

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