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POLL: New Bedford’s best breakfast restaurant?


Where is your favorite place to eat breakfast in New Bedford? Pick up to two restaurants. Is your favorite missing? Post a reply to the poll and we’ll add it.

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  1. what’s up bud. I always follow ur stories. First I would like to say u doing great job puttin stories for evryone to see what happens in our community.
    Second I would like to tell u I picked table 8, I go every morning to eat their before I head to my Tshirt shop I own.
    Everyone their is like family. Great atmosphere.
    Third I own a small Tshirt shop. It’s a Christian label co. I own called loyal2jesus & the name of my shop is called 1 of a kind Tshirt shop. I do mostly fundraisers, church logos, business logos, and pictures on tshirts and hoodies. I would like to make u a shirt if u can send me ur size and one day swing by and grab it. God bless ur work u doin.

  2. Tia Maria’s is my favorite!

  3. Anyone know of any good brunch places in the area?

  4. Little Phoenix #1 every is family their and if your new you leave as family!! Food friends and atmosphere are 100%

    • I feel like family at The Little Phoenix Sarah is GREAT and Kathy also.. It’s like Cheers everybody knows you name.

  5. I’d definitely have to go with the excellent food and positively glowing atmosphere of the Little Phoenix.

  6. Little Phoenix

  7. Why isn’t Platters on the list?

  8. Dillon’s by far, quality food, reasonably priced. Best bang for your buck. Cheryl is the best waitress town!!!


  10. Little Phoenix!!!!!

  11. Dillons no doubt.

  12. Little Phoenix da kine. When visiting from Maui, always get warm welcome and the best home cooked meal anywhere. The best part…The Sarah and Kathy Show! Aloha.

  13. ALOHA! When I visit from Maui, The Little Phoenix is where we all meet, share hugs, talk story and eat Sarah’s comfort food and good home cooking. ALOHA.

  14. Little Phoenix

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