State Police Association of Massachusetts troopers present Dr. Chiklis with engraved copy of Rockwell’s “The Runaway”

“The Massachusetts State Police and the State Police Association of Massachusetts (SPAM) are grateful to Dr. Greg Chiklis and his team at MRN Diagnostics for the guidance and assistance they have provided to the Department and its COVID-19 Response Team during the pandemic.

SPAM, the union that represents members holding the rank of Trooper and Sergeant, presented Dr. Chiklis and his team an engraved copy of “The Runaway” in recognition of that assistance. The Norman Rockwell illustration famously portrays an MSP Trooper counseling a young boy who is running away while the two sit at a diner counter.

MRN provided various COVID-19 testing and guidance to the MSP as well as to local first responders. Dr. Chiklis and his team have gone above and beyond in protecting the safety of public safety personnel. We are for the support they have given us.

The MSP’s COVID-19 Team established and oversees pandemic-related guidelines for Department personnel.”-Massachusetts State Police.

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