New Bedford Police respond to complaints about kids playing basketball

Winter is approaching which means its beginning to get darker out earlier. But that doesn’t mean you should call the police on the neighborhood kids playing basketball just because its dark by 6:30pm.

Yesterday in New Bedford, the police were called on kids playing basketball in the street, so three New Bedford Police officers took the call. Officers Tyler Viera, Eric Boulay, and Nate Goncarlo pulled up to the scene ready for action.

In a wholesome video posted on Facebook by Meg Douglas, the mother of one of the kids, she notes,

“There’s def good cops out there…

One of my neighbors called the cops on the kids playing ball outside instead of them coming and being a-holes making everyone go in the house they get out there cruisers and play with the kids ❤️ and they was deep too just having fun with the kids.”

Shout out to these New Bedford Police officers who turned what could of been a quick and negative interaction into a fun filled night and memory for everyone involved…besides the angry neighbor.

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