State Police Arrest Two Suspects In Two Separate Incidents At Logan

There is no additional information available for either of these incidents at this time. (

Today the Massachusetts State Police responded to two separate incidents at Logan Airport, each resulting in an arrest of a suspect.

The first incident occurred at 11:23 a.m. at the lower level of Terminal E. Troopers responded to a report of a disturbance involving a woman screaming from inside a BMW with a broken windshield. Troopers discovered the vehicle at Terminal B. After locating the vehicle, troopers learned that the male operator identified as ANTON HILTON, 52, of Roxbury had assaulted the 21 year old female passenger. After an investigation, HILTON, was arrested and charged with: Assault and Battery and Kidnapping. The female victim in this case refused medical treatment. The name of the victim is not being released at this time as the investigation continues.

The second incident occurred at 11:58 a.m. at the upper level of Terminal C. Troopers responded to a report of a male suspect who apparently entered the ladies restroom, removed his clothing and climbed into the drop ceiling.

The suspect identified as CAMERON SHENK, 26, of Boston, fell through the drop ceiling resulting in numerous cuts to his head and body. SHENK then fled from the ladies restroom naked and bleeding.

Once outside the restroom, for reasons still under investigation, SHENK assaulted an seriously injured an 84 year old man. That victim was later transported to a local area hospital with various injuries that are not expected to be life threatening. Troopers arrived and after a struggle SHENK was taken into custody. During the arrest one trooper sustained a minor injury that required medical treatment.

SHENK was transported to Mass General Hospital for treatment. Once released he will be returned to the barracks at SP Logan for booking.

SHENK is charged with the following charges:

1.Attempted Murder
3.Assault an Battery On A Person Over 60
4.Assault an Battery On A Police Officer
5.Lewd and Lascivious Act
6.Malicious Destruction To Property Over $250

Both HILTON and SHENK will be held pending release on bail or their arraignment in East Boston District Court.

There is no additional information available for either of these incidents at this time.

Please do not call the barracks directly.

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