Parking Ticket Revenue Down 29%, First Decline Since 2006


In recent years we’ve pointed out how the parking ticket revenue increased significantly since 2006. From an article I produced last year“…the city raised over $1.2 million from parking tickets and  fees  during the fiscal year that ends June 30. In fiscal 2011, the city raised $1 million, up from $685,092 in 2010 and $276,380 in 2006.”

The increase in parking ticket revenue was significant and translated into is a four-fold increase from 2006 ($276,380) to 2012 ($1.2 million). This can be attributed to Mayor Lang as he served as New Bedford’s mayor from 2006 – 2012.

The most recent parking ticket revenue for fiscal year 2013 is $978,000, down 29% from $1,264,000 in 2012. According to the mayor’s office, these numbers do not include revenues from the parking fees people pay at the two garages or at parking meters. It’s strictly parking ticket revue. While these numbers are still significantly higher than the 2006 numbers, it does show that Mayor Mitchell has been less aggressive than Mayor Lang on parking tickets. This is marks the first decline in parking ticket revenue since 2006.

According to the Mayor’s office, there are several factors. There was less focus on neighborhood parking related issues last year and more monitoring at State Pier, the hospital area, and the beaches.

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