South Coast Panther’s “Learn to Play, Learn to Skate Program” turns kids in superstars!

Smiling athletes are a sign of coaching success!


The South Coast Panther’s Learn to Skate and Learn to Play programs had a successful first session! Over 50 new, local kids joined the two programs. Now that the fall sports’ season has ended, it is time to head to the ice rink. Boys and girls are welcome!

Even if you may have missed the first session of Learn to Skate and Learn to Play, it is not too late to join or get caught up with the basics of skating. Session 2 and session 3 will continue to focus on the basics that were taught in session 1. Everyone is encouraged to join regardless of skill level!

The South Coast Panthers Youth Hockey Association is an effective regional hockey program offered to both boys and girls. For many years, the program was known as the Hetland Panthers. Over the last four years, the league has experienced tremendous growth while attracting kids from as far west at Tiverton RI, as far east as the Bourne Bridge and as far north as Taunton.

For this upcoming season, they have over 200 boys and girls playing hockey on 17 different teams that compose teams from the Mites (6-8 yrs olds) to the Midgets (high school kids)! The teams compete in the South Shore Conference and in the Southern New England Hockey Conference in Rhode Island.

Talking with the organizers and coaches, they were clear that their mission is to offer a quality hockey environment that allows boys and girls of all ages to be properly developed, to learn the game of hockey and to compete at the highest level.

ACTION! Learn to skate and play from world-class USA Hockey certified coaches!

In order for the South Coast Panthers to achieve its mission, it must offer a solid foundation that develops the younger kids into well rounded and competitive hockey players. To achieve this, they offer a Learn to Skate (LTS) Program and a Learn to Play (LTP) Program.

Does your child have an interest in learning hockey but has never played hockey? The Learn To Skate program is perfect! The fundamentals of skating are taught and repeated through various drills. This program is held on Sunday mornings for a total of 50 minutes.

If your child loves hockey and has already participated in the Learn To Skate program and is ready to take the next step to learning the game of hockey, the Learn To Play program is the next step. This program’s curriculum is designed to build on the basics that were learned in the Learn To Skate program and to incorporate the game of hockey. Kids will participate in small skill stations and will play small area hockey games toward the end of the program. This program is held on Sunday mornings for 80 minutes.

Both the Learn To Skate and Learn To Play programs are instructed by USA Hockey certified coaches who are very experienced in hockey and have had a successful career playing hockey. These coaches believe in high energy and high tempo practices that will make it fun for the kids – one of the top priorities.

Each session is eight weeks in length taking place on each Sunday. There are breaks for holidays like Veteran’s Day and Columbus Day. Below is an information card with the specific dates and other pertinent information. In addition, the photo gallery below has the information in both Spanish and Portuguese.

Full schedule and information for Southcoast Panthers LTS/LTP programs.


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