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Downtown’s newest sensation: Painting with a Splash!

Get your creative juices flowing in a fun, encouraging, original way!

New Bedford has a higher than state average population of artists. Take a simple stroll downtown or through any of the many old textile mill buildings and you’ll certainly encounter an artist’s workshop or a gallery. New Bedford has some incredibly, amazing talent when it comes to painting, sculpture, drawing or any other medium.

If you’re like me, and struggle with stick figures you are likely stand-offish with art, and even in awe of some of the stellar creations from friends, family and strangers alike. Art can seem even mystical and out of reach. However, a new venue in town brings art to the “layman” and “laywoman” in an unexpected, creative fashion: Painting with a Splash. Owners Barry and Debra Trahan opened their facility at 772 Purchase Street near the end of November.

Rub elbows and steal the mojo of local artists like Zach Meunier!

What makes this place rather unique is that you get step-by-step instruction on a specific piece of art by a local artist! There is a classroom atmosphere where you set the canvas on the easel, grab your apron, paint and brushes, roll up your sleeves and follow along with the artist. If you have trouble with a particular spot, he or she is there to assist and encourage you.

Seats are limited to 24 people, so you get more than enough attention and all your questions asked. Painting with a Splash is a BYOB venue, so when you head there with a few of your best friends and some good libation, you are not only guaranteed a great time, but you get to leave with a souvenir to proudly show off for the rest of your life!

But lest you think the fun is only reserved for the inner child with us adults, there are customizable children’s classes (8 and up) where you can develop your child’s artistic side and uncover their all important ability to be creative and social.

You can be like me, without an artistic bone in your body or you can actually have talent. If you are like me, you will find out something that you perhaps didn’t know: not only is art fun, but you CAN create a masterpiece! You not only learn techniques, but develop a greater appreciation for the mediums.

One of the aspects of the Painting with a Splash’s website that I particularly enjoy, is their calendar. Using a desktop calendar format, each day has a thumbnail image of the masterpiece that you’ll be creating along with the time and the name of the artist. You can move ahead to special personal dates like birthdays, fundraiser, anniversaries, bachelorette or office parties, or a girl’s night out.

Bring some soda, beer, wine, snacks and your best friends!

It’s also a fantastic date idea to wow the socks off of your potential boyfriend or girlfriend. Once you go and see how much fun is to be had, you’ll realize how dull dinner and a movie is! You can use the calendar to make reservations, pay, or even schedule a private event or function.

In addition, they have a mobile unit, where they will bring the original concept, supplies, and artist to you!

You can read reviews of past events, check out artist profiles, join the newsletter, read a F.A.Q., grab some gift certificates or even see a photo gallery of future paintings so you can cherry pick.

The classes have proved to be incredibly popular and in demand. It’s simply a great concept, and no offense to city planners and local business owners – but finally something different. Attending a class, is a highly rewarding experience. It will restore faith in your artistic ability, reconnect you with your creative side, and infect you with art. You quickly find out why it is that New Bedford has so many artists!

Painting with a Splash New Bedford
772 Purchase St
New Bedford, Massachusetts 02740
Phone: (508) 995-9095
Email: info@paintingwithasplash.com

Painting with a Splash Taunton
31 Main Street
Taunton, Massachusetts
(508) 247-6479
Email: info@paintingwithasplash.com

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  1. Congrats on your venture! Kathy from Dr Pollacks!

  2. Our daughters surprise birthday party was here a couple of weeks ago and it was a lot of fun. Everyone loved their paintings. Great night out,

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