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PACE reminds you that there is still time for Fuel Assistance this winter: apply before April 30th


You can’t be a resident of greater New Bedford and not know about the organization called “People Acting in Community Endeavors” or who is known colloquially as PACE. In fact, PACE has been a staple of the community since its founding in 1982! With 11 separate programs, their outreach throughout the South Coast in general, and specifically the Whaling City, is a varied and potent one. From HEADSTART to help with health insurance to Fuel Assistance, PACE is there to serve the Greater New Bedford area.

These services and the positive impact they have on the area’s communities, are what drive Executive Director, Bruce Morell. On a daily basis he gets to meet the locals face-to-face, listen to the stories of families who are in a difficult spot and play an active role in making their lives and his community, a better place. In fact, if you’ve utilized any of the aforementioned services and met and of the team or staff, you know that they are all drawn to serving the Greater New Bedford community and have that identical care and passion. It’s infectious.

One of the oldest running programs that has had a powerful effect on the community is PACE’s Fuel Assistance Program (LIHEAP) assists eligible homeowners and renters in New Bedford, Dartmouth, Acushnet, Fairhaven, Mattapoisett, Marion, and Rochester with their home heating bills during the winter months. Last year, the program served over 10,000 households in the Greater New Bedford area. PACE’s fuel assistance is a very important program in that it helps to reduce the burden of what can be very high winter heating bills.

Fran Stubbs, the Fuel Assistance Director wants area residents to know that the time to apply for fuel assistance is sooner rather than later. Even though the program runs from November 1st through April 30th, it would be prudent to apply well before the final deadline. Don’t wait because you feel that you won’t reap the benefits of applying too early because PACE goes back and pays bills retroactively from November 1 on.

Behind the scenes, the staff of PACE’s Fuel Assistance program spends much of all and early winter devoted to processing the thousands of existing clients – which is a lighter paperwork load in comparison to that of new clients. If you have never applied, it has been some years since you have or you don’t apply because you think there’s no way you would qualify – you would be surprised: many people are eligible and don’t realize it!

So what type of household income are we talking about? A household of one with a gross income under $34,380 is eligible. For two, $44,958. For three, $55,537. For four, $66,115. So again, there are many, many working families in the city of New Bedford that could stand to benefit, but don’t realize they fit with PACE’s guidelines or think the application process is unwieldy and time consuming.

The application process is straightforward, simple and worth the time of applying. While no one wants to gather paperwork, wait in line, etc. here’s some motivation: how does having $500-$1600 towards your Gas, Electric, or Oil bill sound? A phone call will get you all the information you need and along with a quick quote.

Have children? You’ve likely benefited from PACE Headstart’s advocacy, family support services, mental health service, classroom environment for positive childhood development, reading or social skills, or health services which include “….screenings, preventative health education, resources and referrals.” Overwhelmed with the the differences in MassHealth or a ConnectorCare plans and need assistance in applying for or managing Medicare, Medicaid, retiree medical insurance or related prescription plans? You’ve found yourself a knowledgeable friend expert at PACE.

Need childcare or food? You know you can rely on the the childcare services or Emergency Food Bank. If you’ve had housing needs like searching for affordable housing, PACE was there. Help with preparing for GED completion, taxes, weatherization, bookkeeping and financial management to grassroots organizations? PACE had you covered. For decades, PACE has been there for region and its residents – through thick and thin, like a big brother or sister who has your best interest in mind.

You’re a phone call away from reaping the benefits countless thousands have since PACE’s inception in 1982!


People Acting in Community Endeavors: PACE Inc.
166 William Street
New Bedford, Massachusetts
Phone: (508) 999-9920
Fax: 508-999-3728

Monday-Thursday: 9:00am-12:00pm & 1:15pm-4:00pm
Fridays: reserved for emergencies only. PLEASE call.

308 Cottage Street (wheelchair accessible)
New Bedford, Massachusetts
Phone: 508-999-4473
Monday-Thursday: 9:00am-12:00pm & 1:15pm-4:00pm
Fridays: reserved for emergencies only. PLEASE call.

Website: paceinfo.org
Facebook: facebook.com/pacefuelassistance/
EMail: http://paceinfo.org/contact-2/

Bilingual staff members are available for those who speak Spanish, Portuguese, or Creole.


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