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“I’m outraged, feel betrayed by how the New Bedford Public School system is handling our kids!”


“I’m outraged and I feel betrayed by our school system’s handling of our children.

I know most reading this have had an experience where they have felt betrayed and spent the day worrying about their child’s safety due to a lack of protocol and more attention paid to sweeping things under the rug than handling situations properly.

We’ve all heard about the child in Taunton. I assure you it is happening here to our children. Most parents know if their child is being bullied at school they are coming up helpless as countless officials turn their backs and countless phone calls go unreturned as the officials hide in hopes the problem goes away.

It was decided my autistic nephew be walked to his mother’s car daily even though he is fully capable, due to severe bullying affecting his safety before his mother was even notified about such a thing. Yet they don’t find the problem ‘severe’ enough to take further action.

Since this has been decided the child is being bullied even more, but now he’s not just being humiliated, but physically assaulted. …verbally and physically harassed for simply telling a student he dropped something. Once he was chased into oncoming traffic during recess. These boys torment him for something as simple as laughing. The mother is having very little success with the school on these matters and police just direct you back to the same unanswered phone number.

This is happening at our schools along with a military-style education. It’s not fair and it’s not right. This is not how school is supposed to be and parents need to be given their rights back!”

This message is long but it needs to be addressed by the parents of the kids in the New Bedford public school system because it’s a huge problem and we are gonna start losing our younger generation. My nephew whom I mentioned, texted his mother from school saying ‘I want to commit suicide. No parent wants a text like that. He’s only 12-years old.

This is at Rodman Elementary School, Keith Middle School, everywhere. All I hear lately is horrible things happening. The girl in Taunton, it’s just getting closer. I am a few parents away from considering a peaceful protest at the NBPS lawn for parents to be heard and problems to be addressed.” -Anonymous mom.

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  1. I totally agree with this parent…something needs to be done I’m a parent of 2… keith and New Bedford high …peaceful protest I’m on board.
    Thank you for speaking out..

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