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Oriental Relax Center – relieve the stresses of life in moments with massage, reflexology, and body work


What is more magical at relieving tension or stress than a massage? Are there people who wouldn’t want one every single day for life? Whether a shoulder rub, a full body massage, attention to a tender or sore area or one of my personal favorites, the hand massage, a massage is very effective at sloughing off the hard work and stress of a day.

While asking friends and family to give you a massage is always available, there is no substitute for a trained, professional massage. Besides, after you’ve gotten a decent number of massages, you have to return the favor – which defeats the purpose of getting one – when you want to just lie there stunned into relaxation and happiness.

Most people think that massages are simply too expensive, so they don’t even consider them – which is fair since the number of spas offering them has grown exponentially these past few years. So you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that you don’t need to wait weeks for an appointment and “opportunity” to pay a proverbial arm and leg to get some attention. An affordable, professional, effective massage and relief from stress, pain, fatigue, even insomnia is available right at the Dartmouth Mall: Oriental Relax Center.

Owned and operated by Kevin Li, who has over a decade’s experience doing this very thing, Oriental Relax Center is conveniently located at everyone’s favorite shopping destination. Surprising to many, Kevin has been at the mall for ten of those years!

Specializing in a form of ancient Oriental treatment that target specific pressure points, muscles, and tendons, Kevin and his experienced staff also offer reflexology (applying pressure to hands and feet), accupoint or bodywork which is a form of technique involving manipulative, poking therapy to relax and remove fatigue through improved circulation, breath work, or energy medicine. In addition, depending on your objectives, ailment or need, they may use a fire pot on your feet which is famous for pain relief, invigoration, clearing your cold and what Kevin calls “expelling wind.”

When I asked Kevin to tell me, besides being more affordable than a spa, what other reason or reasons should someone visit, he said “We pride ourselves in making a home atmosphere – we want people to feel like they are in their home and our extended family. Also, we offer all first time clients 20% off!” Certainly great incentive to check them out!

What Kevin and his staff at the Oriental Relax Center specialize in is the bodywork therapy and if you’ve only ever had massages, you will be in for a rather pleasant surprise. As far as I know, Oriental Relaxation Center is the only location in the area to offer this specialized form of therapy.

So, if you could really use a massage to relax, relieve stress or rejuvenate, or because you have a sore or tender area that needs some extra love, or maybe you have need for the healing properties of reflexology, or accupoint, then stop in at the Dartmouth mall and see Kevin. Experience the healing power of what they offer for yourself or for friends or family through a gift card. Once you try them out, see how knowledgeable, attentive, and professional they are and see first hand how special what they do is, you’ll become a regular!


Oriental Relax Center
Dartmouth Mall,
Dartmouth, MA

Phone: (508) 990-1950
Facebook: facebook.com/Oriental-Relax-Center


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