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OPINION: “Voters who stay home negatively impact elections, send country on backwards trajectory”


The following is an opinion sent to New Bedford Guide. It does not reflect the opinion of New Bedford Guide, nor is it an OP-ED. In fairness and objectivity, we share opinions from our readers whether we agree or disagree with their opinion.

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“When not voting is a vote!

All the disaffected Democratic voters who will choose to stay home on November 5, 2024 must get beyond their disappointment with Joe Biden and vote for him, or any other Democratic nominee for the presidency in 2024, as a second Trumpian presidency may be the last truly unrigged vote in America.

Undoubtedly if Biden, or any other Democratic candidate wins the election, Trump and his coterie of opportunistic legislators, MAGA diehards and unethical lawyers, will cry foul once again and the battles will begin anew. But the Democrats have a better shot at maintaining a democracy, even in the face of autocratic state legislatures, when they control the presidency and one of the houses of Congress.

Not voting in these times is not a protest statement of any value and it has enabled unqualified non-democratic contenders at the state and federal level to win elections. Small cities and towns are experiencing the results of disinterested residents sitting out elections thus enpowering book banners, voter identification proponents,sexists and racists.

And at the state level there has been unabating gerrymandering, enabling of anti reproductive freedom advocates and a host of equality opponents.

Thoroughly disenchanted and cynical voters who remain at home on election days will have a greater impact on many crucial elections that will truly send this country on a backwards trajectory and they will be the most blameworthy for the disastrous results.”-Betty Ussach, Dartmouth.

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