OPINION: “Let’s place a tribute on the hurricane dike to represent human souls lost at sea.”

“To Whom it may Concern: I am writing to you concerning the New Bedford Hurricane Dike.

I had a vision this morning of cement statues, standing at attention, facing the ocean front. Each one represents a human soul who was lost at sea thru the years, be it whaling, or fishing. At the base of each one was there Name and Date, I can picture it majestically honoring every single man who never came home.

Like my friend Andrew Nolan Parisi who went down with the F/V Aristocrat 9/18/90. There is no grave to visit, and these men have paid the ultimate sacrifice to the city of New Bedford. Wouldn’t it be a great tribute to their lives? Standing guard to protect New Bedford along the dike — cement figures, with enough detail to carry the image home that this was a soul, who did what few want to do, and lost their lives in the process.

Is it conceivable to manage such a feat? Can it be applied to the dike?

Any ideas or help would be appreciated. Please let me know.” – Timothy J Gifford

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