OPINION: “Ten Dartmouth Indian facts to know before you vote on Tuesday”

ONE: Despite the talking points of people who want to cancel the Indian, not a single Tribal government has opposed the Dartmouth Indians, ever. Not a single Tribe.

TWO: Opponents of the Indian have falsely manufactured harm and hate surrounding our symbol. To date, they haven’t cited a single instance where the Dartmouth Indian caused harm in the decades it has represented our town.

THREE: School Committee Chair Shannon Jenkins ignores the unanimous tribal member support of the symbol which represents every Wampanoag family in Dartmouth.

FOUR: Chair Jenkins relied on tribal members from Louisiana and Maine to come to Dartmouth and speak about experiences in their home states. Not one tribal member brought into town demonstrated a single instance of harm caused by the Dartmouth symbol.

FIVE: Chair Jenkins hand-selected her diversity subcommittee in 2020 with only people who agreed with her cause to cancel the Indian. Jenkins may introduce CRT to our schools if she succeeds in canceling our symbol.

SIX: In August of 2020, Chair Jenkins publicly tweeted that supporters of the (racist) Indian logo are racist. She has yet to apologize to the residents of Dartmouth.

SEVEN: Chair Jenkins is a professor at UMass Dartmouth where their mascot is a Corsair (a slave-trading pirate). Despite this, Chair Jenkins has decided to ignore her employer’s mascot while only singling out the noble Indian symbol.

EIGHT: For weeks, Chair Jenkins falsely held out individual members of tribal non-profits as official tribal government representatives.

NINE: Opponents have manufactured this entire issue. They are all outsiders who moved to town recently or are affiliated with UMass Dartmouth.

TEN: Chair Jenkins failed to engage any tribal members or tribes for well over a year despite pushing for canceling a symbol designed by a Wampanoag Aquinnah DHS graduate in the early 1970s. “We cannot ask oppressed people how they feel about their oppression,” she said.

Please vote Yes Tuesday so the Dartmouth Indians can continue to unite generations!” -Barbara Cordeiro.