OPINION: The medical system is failing those of us who need it most

“I have been a community worker for over 14 years, worked at the YWCA as a Volunteer for over 15 year and worked as a minister since 2010. I have a 22-year-old disabled son who is certified legally blind, and has Global Developmental Delay – he’s non-verbal.

This winter, he went into respiratory distress and I took him to Saint Annes Hospital in Fall River. After being there for 2 days his lungs collapsed and in a week and a half and he had gone through 5-6 medical procedures. He was hospitalized for over a month and a half. He was in the ICU for a few long weeks.

I live in a rented home but I need to live on the ground floor for him. I applied for assistance in July but was told that being disabled or blind was not a priority. Aren’t these places for people with low income, disabled, veterans, and those struggling financially?

As a single mom, I am paying more than what I receive. I had to quit my job as an activity Director at New Bedford Gardens Care And Rehab. due to the family emergency. There are other families like me that think that the system is failing those who truly need housing assistance.

A lot of people believe that everyone in housing is uneducated or just want to live off of the system, but a lot of us have situations that pull us back.”


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