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OPINION: Stop Cumberland Farms from building on busy part of Acushnet Ave


The following was submitted to New Bedford Guide by a concerned resident:

“North [End] Residents, Business Owners and Employees in Far North End, Voc Tech Faculty, Staff, Travelers, & Any Concerned Citizens:

Your Presence and Support is Needed Wed. night, Jan. 9th at 6 PM, Downtown Library, 3rd Floor

The New Bedford Planning Board will decide to approve or disapprove a new LARGE Cumberland Farms, to include a gas station AND a car wash. The proposed location is directly at the Acushnet Ave curve lights (adjacent to Orthodontics and across from Pa Raffa’s – and close to the Rte. 140 gateway into the north end).

This meeting is a continuation from a December meeting where the developers shared their plan. Cumberland Farms hired a traffic review, who did a traffic safety analysis for ONE day, on a Tuesday, to determine if it would be safe to add a Cumby’s in that location. ONE DAY, plus, they only used Mass DOT accident info to tell the Planning Board “only 15 accidents at that location in x number of years. Councilor LINDA Morad then spoke sharing New Bedford Police accident data indicating over 100 accidents PLUS a FATALITY.

PLEASE ATTEND on Wed., Jan. 9th at 6 PM to show your OPPOSITION to having a large Cumberland Farms with gas station and car wash at a dangerous traffic location (plus, there are currently 4 gas stations near there, a car wash a few blocks away and a grocery store. Is Cumby’s needed there? NO!).” – Jacqueline Coucci‎

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  1. For one, none of the gas stations near there are open late night except Sunoco and who can afford Sunoco gas. They build where they can be competitive and with Walgreens there they will make a killing. There are ways to direct traffic away from the immediate fork. With access to the streets in the back and along the Walgreens side they could curb up the Acushnet Ave. side. It won’t affect the Ashley Boulevard side as the store will be beyond the fork. All the traffic on that side is due to Pa Raffas and Hong Kong. there are also 2 entrances to Trucchis, Walgreens and the 2 gas stations on that corner. Really not much of an issue, other than noise late at night. No one see,s to use that so, if on the basis of traffic, it happens!
    I have worked in that exact area and lived 5ere so I’m familiar with it now.

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