OPINION: “The Republicans should nominate Liz Cheney for the speakership of the House!”

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Since it is not necessary to select the speaker from the present members of the House, nor even a previously elected representative, Liz Cheney would be a great nominee.

Undoubtedly, a large contingent of Democratic representatives would vote for her and adding a sufficient number of Republicans who are really ethically committed to putting this country back on stronger footing, would join them.

Cheney is no less conservative than Kevin McCarthy but she has exhibited outstanding consistency in her political philosophy and ethical standards. She is also not deterred by standing firm in the face of enmity from the Trumpists who value allegiance to Trump rather than to the constitution or rule of law.

This is a point in American history where unprecedented actions and behavior are glorified and not always for the good. The elevation of Liz Cheney would be a nod from the Democrats that a functioning two party system is far better than an autocracy.” -Betty Ussach, Dartmouth.