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OPINION: “‘Overkill’ and ‘fear-mongering’ come to mind to describe the self-appointed COVID Czars during this Soviet-style event”


“As one of the multitudes of professionals and employees who have been deemed “nonessential” by the power-hungry, self-thought-of-as “almighty”, self-appointed “COVID Czars”, a very glaring reality has become apparent to me and should have become apparent to the rest of the population: the shutdown and “furlough”/lay-off of so-called “nonessential” businesses and workers has lead to a Great Recession of epic proportions.

It could be called the second Great Depression since unemployment claims have exceeded the last Great Depression levels at more than 30 million claims. And that is claims, which does not account for those who have not filed unemployment claims. Yet, the shutdown businesses and furloughed/laid-off workers are deemed “nonessential”, even when this has had far-reaching and severe economic consequences to the country at large and every state and a majority of their municipalities.

I for one, am far beyond extraordinarily sick and tired of all the, “We’re all sacrificing” and “We’re in this together” rhetoric in advertising, in the media, and by the talking heads. Yes, I acknowledge all the health care, first responders, grocery, and food (from farming/growing/processing to shipping to selling) workers are all doing a stellar job. And it’s most appreciated. But I’m taking a different tact here that has not been given attention at all.

Let’s face the harsh reality. Money matters a lot, especially in this country that places such an extremely high value on and has the highest regard for money and unbridled capitalism. So the many people who are still working, still receiving their paycheck, are not sacrificing anything financially.

To add insult to injury there are many non-emergency/law-enforcement/public-infrastructure/public-health civil servant employees who have been “furloughed” with pay; they are actually on paid vacations at the expense of taxpayers, and, it’s causing greater exacerbation of the current financial hardship to towns, counties, and states in this time of extreme loss of tax revenue due to the furlough/lay-off of “nonessential” workers and shut down of “nonessential” businesses.

Ultimately, it is the “nonessential” workers and businesses who are paying the heaviest price financially and will continue to have the burden of those financial effects for months, even years to come for some people, due to this shutdown and furlough/lay-off.

As far as all the bloviating about the “lethal” coronavirus, I suggest looking closely at the back of your little antiseptic wipes bottle/container. Surely, you will find a statement similar to, “Kills human coronavirus”. That wipes canister was probably manufactures more than six months ago. Whether “human” or “novel” coronavirus, it is still a “coronavirus”. So why all the uproar over coronavirus because it is so virulent and “lethal”? I truly think the full story of coronavirus’ high level of virulence, lethality and severity of infection caused in “certain individuals” {italics mine} has been avoided in most reporting.

“Those with pre-existing conditions” are most susceptible and suffer the most, is continually said. But what has been completely omitted in this rhetoric is just what causes those pre-existing conditions. Realize two main facts about this: One, that those pre-existing conditions primarily make up what are termed, “lifestyle diseases”, which are at or near epidemic levels in the population in this country. Two, the vast majority of lifestyle caused diseases and conditions seriously compromise a person’s immunity.

So, in the vast majority of COVID cases (and yes there are exceptions!), is there the possibility and how high is the probability that lifestyle caused diseases and conditions are the primary factors in causing greater susceptibility to coronavirus’ severe effects and symptoms? Yes, and high? {hearing crickets chirp}

“Overkill”, “extreme”, “fear-mongering”, and a host of other adjectives come to mind to describe all that is being conjured up by the COVID Czars during this Soviet-style event. After the decades of chicanery engaged in and myriads of lies on myriads of issues at all levels of government from all parties of all administrations, this unceasing fear-mongering and these overly extreme “orders” imposed on the public, are the coup de gras for me.

My regard and respect for all politeers aka political privateers/pirates, their appointed minions, and, everything concerning politics, has fallen far, far below zero. No longer will I follow, read about or engage in conversations about politics or politeers on any level for even a second. And since I am deemed a “nonessential” worker by these “oh so great” COVID Czars, my vote must also be considered “nonessential”.

So I will never again vote in any election on any level, even insisting that the City Clerk unregister me to vote.

As far as I am concerned, these power-hungry, self-thought of as “almighty”, self-appointed “COVID Czars” and their minions can take just one action that results in really good for the public. That is, when they pass from this earth.

~ ~ ~

David Robinson
New Bedford MA

David was a practicing chiropractor for just over 30 years, and has been a nationally certified personal fitness trainer for more than 23 years.

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  1. You should run for office….help fix the stinkin’ problem.

  2. Finally! Someone who agrees with me. The government has decided that we must all be afraid of one another. Failure to do so, by not wearing a mask or by not “social distancing” brands you as a sociopathic misanthrope (or a misanthropic sociopath).

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