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OPINION: “What a nurse means to me and why BCC should have its pinning ceremony


“My nurse is my sister. When she first started nursing school I was jealous. I was jealous that she gave a book more attention than me. We were so close before nursing school. Always together. Two peas in a pod! Then, the devil came into our relationship…nursing school!

It took my sister far far away. No more late-night movies, no more shopping buddy (she’s broke ?), no more babysitter, no more hour-long phone calls, no more two peas in a pod! I was heartbroken.

Finally, after a year of the ‘devil’ being in my life, I realized I was selfish. I realized it takes a special someone to be a nurse, and I realized nursing school isn’t the devil (she has to graduate sometime?)! I realized my little sister is actually more than just a sister. She’s a nurse on speed dial! ?.

Once I realized that (mom of two), I started to be more understanding and nicer to her ?. I started to become super proud of my genius, book-loving little nerd of a sister.

That same sister has always talked about this special ceremony that the devil does once the nurses graduate. Yup, the pinning ceremony.

For those of you who don’t know what that is ?, it is a symbolic ceremony specifically for graduating nursing students welcoming them into ‘Hell part 2’ (or so I hear) ?‍♀️. Like I said, ‘special kind of somebody!’

In the US it has been happening for over 100 years ?… but it dates back to the 12th century ??. Tradition and a well deserved one at that!

Well today, I find out that my sister no longer gets that pinning ceremony (and no she didn’t fail out or anything… she’s the genius remember ?)! Bristol Community College decided today that they were getting rid of this 100+-year-old tradition starting with her class ???.

My blood started to boil! Can you imagine? I have been tortured, and I don’t even get to sit in these tiny back wrenching seats with my screaming children and watch my genius sister walk across a stage and get pinned! Fuming! All the hard work, all the blood sweat and tears I have put into the devil and I can’t even cry tears of happiness at that pinning ceremony!

Now, imagine my sister. She is absolutely devastated. Imagine her peers and friends… them too, devastated. If I am sitting here bummed out, I can only imagine what the rest of that graduating class is feeling. it’s probably something along the lines of… bullied, ripped off, lied to, and cheated! I’m sure a few cuss words as well! Did I mention that at the beginning of the devil, my sister’s class put together a fundraiser? Guess what that fundraiser was for? You guessed it, the pinning ceremony.

They raised $10,000 or more ?. Did you know that nursing students also pay ‘dues’ every semester? Do you know why?
Well I don’t, but I’m guessing it’s probably for the pinning ceremony. ?‍♀️

I wonder where all that money goes?

I bet the new president has an idea. ? ? I wonder why Bristol thought they should be one of the first schools to end a century-old tradition?

Nurses saved my daughter who was born at 34 weeks, and saved me as well (I suck at being pregnant)! I mean I’m sure the doctors had a little something to do with it too ?, but we aren’t talking about them ?.

I am writing this in hopes that this story is a little more eye-catching and we can try and teach the devil how to be a little more compassionate towards families ?? and give us our pinning ceremony back! So please help me help myself and spread awareness to this horrendous situation and get these students (and ME the jealous sister) their right to a pinning ceremony in May! Please share and like this post. #pinning104 #fox25 #pleasehelp #bristolcommunitycollege” -Jacqueline MacNeil.

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  1. While this decision is likely well intended by college administration, it is highly disrespectful to the students, alumni and faculty. Petition to reinstate: http://chng.it/zzVccwJ4

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