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OPINION: “New Bedford’s Normandin School does nothing to protect our kids when it comes to bullying!”


“Something has to be done about Normandin School and their administration! They do NOTHING to protect these kids at all.

I’m about to go to the superintendent as well because this is absolutely ridiculous already!! These kids bully my son who is bald because of alopecia so bad that they have a whole page dedicated to bullying him on Instagram! My son didn’t chose to be bald, he has Alopecia Areata which is an autoimmune disease that attacks the hair follicle and may be brought on by severe stress. He lost his hair and bullying in that school hasn’t helped him get it back since.

I edited the picture to protect his condition and more bullying. These kids are such bullies that they have pages dedicated to kids sleeping in class, bathroom feet pics etc. It’s all on Instagram and the school isn’t worried about it.

Phones should NOT be allowed in school anymore! Especially because of the fact that now that kids are using their phones to make videos in the bathroom stalls. God forbid someone’s kids’ private parts end up on the internet!!!!

I reported it to the school about my son being bullied multiple times and they still do nothing. Yet yesterday he got in trouble for saying something back to a girl who was bullying him. They called me right away and gave him detention but why is it not a big issue when he’s getting called names for being bald or getting picked on and bullied or being cyber-bullied?!

PLEASE educate your kids about bullying!!! I just want parents to educate their children to be better human beings and treat others how they would like to be treated and for the school to do their part instead of always sweeping things under the rug.” -Anonymous.

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