OPINION: “New Bedford’s Sacred Hearts Cemetery doesn’t realize the value of loved ones leaving items on gravestones”

“Hello, New Bedford Residents,

For those of you who may have loved ones at Sacred Hearts Cemetery on Mount Pleasant near the airport: I just found out that graves are not allowed to have metal decorations at the gravestones.

Apparently, for years now, the items that were placed at my family grave were taken. We were always under the impression that they were stolen but this week, a member of my family happened to be at the cemetery this week, and noticed that the items were gone again.

So they approached a cemetery worker. They were informed that metal decorations are not allowed. Gee, this was not known to us. Sadly not sure why?? The items were always close to the gravestone so if this is a grass cutting issue, it’s a poor one.

So “Thank You” Sacred Hearts Cemetery for not realizing the meaning of items at graves. What did we pay for??”-Wayne Gaboriault.

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