OPINION: New Bedford pet owner seeks public’s advice on recovering stolen dog

“I’m writing this message because I’ve come to a dead end with the legal system.

My pup was stolen back on Oct 22 from my house by my ex girlfriend. You had shared my post about it the next day for which I’m very thankful for! However I had a magistrate hearing this past Friday to get my dog back because the local police say they can’t get the dog back themselves,.

Which I don’t see the difference between kidnapping and stealing a dog. A dog is family it’s a child to most animal lovers. however in the magistrate hearing she was trying to state the dog was a gift to her but yet she had no real proof in her documents to prove so witch the magistrate looked at all she had. I on the other hand have every document needed to prove the pup is mine, bill of sale, breeder certificate, vet bills, city of New Bedford dog license.

I’m stuck because everything I thought was illegal somehow isn’t and vice versa. We were living together and she waited until I had gone to work to take the pup out of the house, bring her to her parents house, then come back with people to move all her other belongings out.

Any guidance you can give me I really appreciate it. The magistrate says I have to go through small claims court and to get a date is about a year out. I can’t wait a year for my pup. Again any guidance, advice or help you can give I greatly appreciate!” -Anonymous.

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