OPINION: New Bedford man humiliated, disrespected, and “dragged through hell” by local RMVs

“Please take up the issue of poor logistics at motor and vehicle registration service centers in Massachusetts, especially nearby centers Fall River, New Bedford, and Taunton!

Thousands of people threatened with license suspension! The only ones responsible are the authorities and representatives of those centers, the main door guarded by security officers and police who are oppressing and disrespecting CITIZENS.

That main door should have expert representation from that agency and they should not leave that responsibility to police officers with little patience and who act unprofessionally. These individuals complicate the process and what we need to get done there. Then the RMVs proceed to manufacture offenses that suspend licenses and attach unfair fees and penalties which is unfair to low-income people.

On top of it, the service telephone line is appalling, it’s impossible to communicate by phone and even via the internet.

Please press everyone to take action! We should demand that the service centers change the way that they do things as soon as possible. That agency of power is very abusive towards the citizens of Massachusetts.

I have been through hell with that agency. I have days of bitterness because of being humiliated by members of those centers. I tell you, NBG, because if you investigate or launch an opinion poll about this agency, I guarantee you will see the reality of the abuse of power by this agency, and also the police and security agency involved in the whole mess.

There is already news coverage in the news about the suspension of licenses in Massachusetts and demand for something to be done.

If you [NBG] work for the good of the citizens you should give support to the victims.”-Nelson Nieves.

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