OPINION: New Bedford resident frustrated with group disturbing residents with loud music, littering, and loitering

“These photos are to show you (and possibly have you do a short story on) how the young men parking in front of the Harrington Park on Court and Terming Street hang out here at night. They play music disturbing the residents but also trashing this park every day.

We have tried to get them to go away or at least respect the property that we pay taxes on and to no avail. Scott Lima, our ward counselor, has not responded. Sometimes the police come, but this is ridiculous.

We residents are left to clean it up or call the city to send someone so the kids can play and not be touched by this.

There’s no respect from these boys and we were told there are restraining orders on them from Temple Landing and that they are supposed to stay away.

What can we do?”-Beverly Martin-Clark.

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