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OPINION: “New Bedford, your loved one will possibly die scared and alone instead of surrounded by their loved ones if you don’t take precautions.”


“I want to say something to make people understand how serious they need to be taking this pandemic. Most people with good health will never really understand the true meaning of how bad this is for other members of our society who are not as lucky to have good health. To those people, I say how lucky you are!

Let me explain to you what the potential of this virus is if we do not take every precaution there is to keep from allowing it to spread.

If you live with a loved parent grandparent or other family member or friend that has health issues such as COPD, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis. You need to socially distance yourself (6 feet) from all other people. That means hanging out at someone’s house. Riding around with others in vehicles and using caution with public transportation. And if you choose to not take these precautions, this is what happens!

You have just socially spread Covid 19 into your home. Your mother, father or grandparent are now going to get very sick. If, and this is a big if, they recover you and they are very lucky! Think about the ones that are not that lucky. You will need to say goodbye to them at the nearest medical facility because you will not be allowed in with them. With luck, the facility will have the proper medical equipment to help them.

They will be hooked up to a ventilator and be alone for long periods of time, only to have an overworked health professional check on them occasionally while they have dozens of other patients to check on. Your loved one will possibly die scared and alone instead of surrounded by their loved ones.

Think about this when you say it won’t hurt anyone if I go hang out for a short while.” -‎Kelly Timms Hinckley‎.

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  1. This is completely false and letting your loved one die alone. The hospitals allow one family member to be with the patient as long as they are healthy. Stop spreading rumors and tugging at our heart strings when we should all be unified with love and kindness during this global pandemic. Stay healthy and safe everyone!

  2. Well what do u have to say to those of us who have to continue to work and live with an older person should we quit our jobs, or the fact the the population sone of us care for are comprimised and we the staff are the ones who will possibly infect them , you cant stop your life over something that dr faucci stated himself is akin to the flu, we dont shut down society over the flu do we? No we dont, this article is more fear mongering. , none of the actions taken by our government has made much sense to me and many others during this time, the whole world has shut down over something comparable to the flu , let that sink in ….many empty hospitals in these so called war zones, so whats really going on

    • You clearly didn’t understand this opinion. She wasn’t criticizing you for go out to work. If you really love your family members you do not go out without actual reasons and without a mask and then come home, don’t even wash your hands, and infect others It is really not hard to understand but people are stubborn and they are oblivious like if we are living a normal era. There is a freaking pandemic in the world killing people and infecting thousands. Please understand it!

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