OPINION: “I’m in the medical field – I guess it’s time for a different career. What happened to our rights?”

“So if you have chosen not to get a flu shot in the past and you work in the medical field you would be mandated to wear a mask to protect you and your patients and that worked just fine. Why is it now the governor is making it mandatory so the facilities are going to enforce it and risk losing many employees?

I’m confused considering a mask has worked just fine in the past and what now it’s not good enough??? So if we are being forced to get the shot and end up with one of the many side effects who is going to be responsible for that because I’m sure they will be having you sign that paper that says they aren’t responsible or can’t be held accountable??

Hmmm. I guess it’s time for a different career!!! What happened to our rights, and freedom to refuse??”-“Vicki Rose-Rego‎.

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