OPINION: “Laughter, ridicule alleviate inadequacies of Trump supporters lives.”

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“Trump missed his calling as he is never boring before his MAGA audience as he spews brilliant comedic insults, denigrations, whining and revenge. He should have been a stand up comedian.

His audiences alternate between provoked anger at his targets and ridiculing hilarity about their perceived enemies.

Having mastered the one liners he has never had to analyze or familiarize himself with true facts about any issue as he intuitively understands that which will engage their allegiance and donations to his coffers. Even if his statements lack all credibility they have great comedic value.

No previously revered politician, president or war hero is spared his eviscerating and insulting comments. Destroying all respect for the government, the military, the judiciary, the FBI, and Department of Justice, all that remains for them is to place their trust and money on him.

Rarely has a national figure engaged such fealty and attention for such a long period, and despite well documented criminal indictments. The more beleaguered Trump becomes, the more intensely his supporters lose faith in previously respected American institutions, leaders, representative democracy and clamor for more rallies and public appearances. Laughter and ridicule alleviates the inadequacies of their lives.

He may very well join the pantheon of great comedians, but never of U.S. presidents.”-Betty Ussach, Dartmouth.