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OPINION: Landlord shows other side of renting issues after nightmare tenants wreck apartment


Do you balk at how the idea of coming up with first, last and security – many thousands of dollars – to move into a new apartment? Many area residents complain about how difficult it is to find a good landlord and question the high amount of money they ask to move in. One landlord wanted to show why. The following opinion was shared by a landlord in one of our groups:

“People wonder why rents and security deposits are high, or why property managers and landlords require such detailed background and reference checks, well folks this is a prime example of those reasons.

I rented this apartment to a family for a short term 6-month lease, they passed the job and reference checks, I got the initial month’s rent and security deposit and then the nightmare began.

By the time I got them out they had caused upwards of 10k in damages, between that and the back rent owed we’re out 15k in 6-month’s time.

They left animals locked in bedrooms urinating for days on end to the point where urine was leaking through the ceiling of the business below them.

Every room has either animal or human poop smeared on floors shelf’s inside cupboards and walls!

Every single wall has been colored on from children running rampant, the amount of flies/fruit flies in this apartment would rival any transfer station, and the smell is so bad I don’t know if we will ever be able to get rid of it!

I would normally never post something like this, but I just want to make people aware of what landlords go through when they try and provide a nice home for people to live in. Most of the time our tenants are great! But it’s these few disgusting people who ruin it for everyone else!” -Jerry Ciro Ucci.

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  1. I am glad you shared this, although sorry that you are going through this. I also am a landlord will follow your lead letting folks know why rent is high and why we are requesting 1st, last month rent also security deposit. May I also add usually the security deposit does and will not cover the damages. Again Sorry and Thank you.

  2. Wow, that is appauling! These people are trusted to have children in their care? Someone should have called CPS…..No cold should have to live in these conditions. Very SAD!

  3. I hope that you landlords know that in Massachusetts it is ILLEGAL to ask for first last AND security. You can only ask for TWO! Look up the landlord/tenant laws before you get yourselves into legal trouble.

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