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OPINION: The hypocrisy of the Facebook “lawyers” and “juries”: guilty until proven innocent only if convenient


“Dear Facebook Juries,

How quick we are to judge. How quick to convict, condemn and crucify. In fact, how quick we are to jump on any bandwagon. What is this insatiable need to stick our two cents in before we even have any facts?

This urge is nothing new but recently two opposite stories hit FB around the same time and the reactions are just more than I can bear.

The first I read was of the officer accused of rape and sexual abuse of a minor. The various posts and reposts have prompted all manner of proposals of what should be done with this man from locking him up to castration to a bullet to the head. The man is accused and has not had his day in court. The way I understand the judicial system we have a thing called innocent until proven guilty. Many would have you believe it’s guilty until proven innocent.

Over the years I’ve noticed this trend continues with people accused of these type crimes or murders or drug charges. It almost doesn’t matter the accusation. As long as the headline is spun a certain way most of you are ready to bury the accused under the jail. And in a lot of cases, the headline is all it takes. Many of you don’t even read the article before you leave your self-righteous comment.

The second report I read was of an uncle and nephew who were released from prison after serving 42 years for a murder the prosecutor’s office now says they did not commit. “How much money should these two be compensated?” the post asks. The replies were just as fervent as in the first post but this time on the side of the wrongfully accused. “There’s no amount that can make up for what these men had taken from them!” you all cried. “Whoever prosecuted them should go to jail!”

I wonder, were Facebook around when these men were being tried for the murder what the posts and comments would have looked like. What are the chances you’d all be calling for these men’s heads on a platter? I bet many back then were and they were wrong.

“Judge not lest ye be judged.” for all you so-called righteous Christians.

My point? If it’s not already clear: let these things play out in the court system. Give these people their day in court. Sometimes things aren’t the way they seem. Sometimes they are.

But consider if the person accused was someone you loved, wouldn’t you think they at least deserved a fair trial before they’re convicted?” – Rob

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