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OPINION: High rents in New Bedford aren’t justified with crime rates, safety, lack of upkeep


I’ve been looking for an apartment in the city – the rent in New Bedford for just a 2 bedroom apartment, has risen to $1,000 and higher. That’s just insane.

I know there are a lot of other New Bedford residents with similar experiences. I love New Bedford and I grew up here but it isn’t worth $1,000 when the apartments haven’t been updated or upgraded in years, and with it not being uncommon to be woken up to drug deals, sirens, and other crime-related commotions.

I’m all for New Bedford growing and being better but at this very moment, it’s not growing and improving. The city isn’t an ideal place to raise a family with the shootings, stabbings and other crimes, especially lately. The rent should not be as high as $1,000!

I know there are others who will agree. I love New Bedford for what it could be, but there’s not enough effort being put forth for rents to be this high.

– Michelle

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  1. Very very true! The rent that these landlords are asking are outrageous. If people could afford those prices they would be owning a home. Ive been looking for over a yr and has had no luck due to price range, area, and how poorly the aparment is. I agree with michelle I have always lived in NB and wanted to continue living here but the prices are just ridiculous.

  2. Totally agree they want credit checks,who staying with you,how much you make,and the area’s that there charging high rent is all drug spots how is anyone going to afford rent when you can’t find a good paying job in New Bedford if you dnt have section 8 your fuked if you have a good paying job you still have trouble affording the rent around New Bedford.

  3. I’m a landlord and my apartments are well under 1k. 750 and 850 for second and first floor, respectively. And my apartments were completely renovated 8 years ago. It all depends on the landlord and what the house is worth I would think. If the landlord has a high mortgage I don’t think they would be trying to make any deals.

  4. Apartments need to be taken at face value. I’m a landlord and charge over $1k for my 2-3 b/r apartments, but they have working fireplaces, granite counters, and totally renovated kitchens and baths. I’m not absentee and take good care of my property. Please don’t paint all landlords with the same broad brush. Of course I do background and credit checks. I take pride in my property and want tenants that will do the same. Many tenants leave a mess and never see their security deposits because of the amount of damage, even with these safeguards. This street goes both ways.

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