OPINION: High rents in New Bedford aren’t justified with crime rates, safety, lack of upkeep

I’ve been looking for an apartment in the city – the rent in New Bedford for just a 2 bedroom apartment, has risen to $1,000 and higher. That’s just insane.

I know there are a lot of other New Bedford residents with similar experiences. I love New Bedford and I grew up here but it isn’t worth $1,000 when the apartments haven’t been updated or upgraded in years, and with it not being uncommon to be woken up to drug deals, sirens, and other crime-related commotions.

I’m all for New Bedford growing and being better but at this very moment, it’s not growing and improving. The city isn’t an ideal place to raise a family with the shootings, stabbings and other crimes, especially lately. The rent should not be as high as $1,000!

I know there are others who will agree. I love New Bedford for what it could be, but there’s not enough effort being put forth for rents to be this high.

– Michelle

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