OPINION: “The Fairhaven/NewBedford bridge ignores its own schedule!”

EDITOR: The bridge has never abided by the schedule in the decades I’ve lived here. It simply is what it is. I don’t mind because those guys are busting butt and what to come home after a long trip or want to head out to put food on the table. I never use the bridge if I have a rigid deadline.

Having said that, I can understand someone who looks at the schedule so they decide to go over the bridge based on that. However, they get there and the bridge is close off-schedule. Now they have to go around with the dozens of other people going around and that alternate route become clogged. Then they are late for work – which can get them in trouble – or late for a medical appointment, Zeiterion show, etc.

In addition, we have heard from several people that were/ar fishermen or know a bridge operator who said that there are a few captains who either offer the operator “shack” to open off-schedule, or even cuss, swear, and threaten the operator if he won’t open the bridge for them. The last time I heard something like that was 2-3 years ago, so I don’t know if the current operators do this or not.

Ultimately the bridge will be replaced with something modern, quicker, more efficiant and with fewer breakdowns.We just have to be patient.

One resident shares her frustration.


“I have a complaint about the #NewBedford/#Fairhaven bridge.

If the bridge is to open on the hour from 6am to 10am and half past the hour from 1115am to 615pm and then on-demand after that WHY is the bridge opening at 5:50am for boat traffic when it clearly states 6am on the website.

I’m sure a lot of motorists will feel the same way. Maybe someone doesn’t know how to tell time. This is absolutely aggravating in the morning to have to turn around and go back to Fairhaven to go the long way around.

Please explain to the MASSDot that they should follow the times stated on the website! This is not the first time that this had happened.”