OPINION: “Dear New Bedford: Dunkin’ trash cans are not your personal dumpsters!”


“These outside Dunkin trash cans are not your personal dumpsters!

I understand putting your previous built-up Dunkin cups that have old Dunkin food bags in them. But, we don’t appreciate the people putting large bags of trash or miscellaneous items like pizza boxes in the cans that come from your houses and cars.

For the pizza boxes, we have a recycling dumpster right outside. As a Dunkin worker in New Bedford, it’s not in the job description to hand pick nasty trash that is *overflowing* the trash cans. We then have to separate garbage and recycling for you and then put them in multiple trash bags.

Even after someone has just changed the trash they get filled up immediately. It’s disgusting and we do the amount of work we *get paid to do*. Respectfully, please don’t overfill the regular-sized outside trash with LARGE bags of garbage or huge items. There are plenty of acceptable things to throw in the trash.

ALSO if you’re about to throw trash in a bin that’s overflowing please just check if the other trashes that are usually emptier aren’t filled and you can throw your trash in those. I often see one or two trash(s) overfilling even with trash piles on the ground next to the can.

Please have consideration because most of the time the other 2 aren’t as full and people only pick one to use for some reason. We change the trashes every day, every shift. Please be considerate and don’t add to trashes coming from the lids.

Thank you!”

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  1. Totally understand your frustration. At least the people got the trash in the trash bin. Better than you having to go out and sweep or do you prefer that. People are going to be pigs no matter what. However, it is Dunkin’s job, just be happy your not the garage pick up in New Bedford because those poor guys are back to the days of having to smell everyone’s waste.

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