OPINION: “The country has run amok and the MAGA supporters continue to be duped!”


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“While the disparity of income, overly expensive educational opportunities, climate disasters, monumental gun violence and a host of existential threats continue unabated, the MAGA crowd is still motivated by social issues with minimal, or nonexistent impact upon their lives and even at their own expense and best interests.

Keeping the MAGA voters in a constant state of resentment is the most effective strategy exercised by the new extremist Republican legislators.

If their attention is diverted from dwindling income, unchecked gun violence, devastating climate catastrophes, expensive health care, diminished access to higher education, intrusive limitations on private life decisions, and other essential issues, it will keep unqualified elected officials in office and the donations flowing.

The MAGA objective is to deflect anger onto the Democrats which serves two main purposes: prevents grieving voters from casting blame on the real culprits of their unhappiness , and it enables aspiring and present legislators to promote their careers and self-serving agendas.

While the MAGA voters are electing and enriching these legislators they are incrementally diminishing their own freedom, financial status and safety. And the slow, but steady, march to autocracy and a completely decimated middle class will occur and it will be too late for legitimate grievances to be addressed.”-Betty Ussach, Dartmouth.

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