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OPINION: Concerned New Bedford mom frustrated with school officials’ response to bullying


“My son goes to Keith Junior High School in New Bedford and has been bullied for the last few weeks.

I’ve been told they have resolved it but each day my son comes home saying how it’s escalating. I’ve reached out to the teachers, principal, and superintendent with no real resolution.

How is it okay to run your school this way?”-Concerned mother.

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  1. It is decidedly not ok to run ANY school this way. First, let me tell you how angry I am at the school who should be communicating with the parents of those bullying with you present. Those parents likely KNOW the kind of kids they have and it needs to be brought to light. Typically, bullying is rooted in insecurity and comes from home-life and how they, themselves have been treated. Keep pushing. Get an advocate who can advise you on how to best move forward. Tell your son how amazing and unique he is and you will always have his back! These years are formative and kids can be ruthless and damaging at this age.

    It is your son’s constitutional right to an education and to feel safe at school. It is the Board of Ed’s job to make SURE he gets that education and make him feel safe in doing so and to have no tolerance for any kind of abuse from those who feel they need to take their OWN frustrations out on him and get in HIS way of that education or happiness!!

    I’d gladly remove my kid from that school of it continues, with some choice words to the Board of Education in a letter to the paper. Your son needs to NOT feel that way every day. Nobody does. I’m glad he’s telling you it’s happening so you can react.

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