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OPINION: “I am concerned the Dartmouth School Board Committee will act against the town’s voters”


The following is an opinion sent to New Bedford Guide. It does not reflect the opinion of New Bedford Guide, nor is it an OP-ED. In fairness and objectivity, we share opinions from our readers whether we agree or disagree with their opinion.


“To the editor:

On April 5, 2022, the Town of Dartmouth held Town Elections for the offices of Town Selectman, School Board Committee Member, and a few other offices or posts. On that ballot was a question about keeping the Dartmouth High School logo as the “Dartmouth Indians”. The Town hosted opportunities for debate and both sides were given equal time to present their position and their views on keeping or retiring the Indian logo. Throughout the debate it was known that on April 5th the town would be voting on the issue and ultimately democracy won. Whichever side received the most votes won. That is a free and fair election.

The unofficial results related to question one on keeping the logo, are as follows:

4048 – YES (keep the logo)
969 – NO (retire the logo)
Not even close !!!

However, I am now concerned that the Dartmouth School Board Committee has the final say and may act against the majority of the town’s voters. The concern that “we are losing our democracy” only applies when “special groups” lose. True democracy had its day on April 5, 2022, and the voters of Dartmouth voted to keep the logo. This should be a resolved issue and the people of Dartmouth who voted should be heard, respected, and ultimately accepted by the board. That is how true democracy works.

I am a twenty-year resident of the Town of Dartmouth and I truly appreciate the community and culture my children have been fortunate enough to have been raised in. Dartmouth is not a racist town it is a family-friendly town with respect for all ethnicities.

Derek Thomas”

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