OPINION: “I don’t wanna hear you complaining about New Bedford when this is how you treat our nice things. Y’all are trash!”


“First of all, it’s been fireworks every SINGLE day, every single night, allll night and I’m sick of it!

Waking up my grandmother, my parents, myself, got my dog going crazy!!!!! Second of all, y’all MFs destroy EVERYTHING. You people love to complain about how we don’t have anything nice in New Bedford, but look how you treat the nice things we do have.

Brand new park/basketball court and you guys are out here setting off fireworks for NO reason, starting fires, littering, bothering people, triggering people’s PTSD. For what?!

Middle of the day at that! I don’t wanna hear you guys complaining about how New Bedford ain’t sh*t and we got nothing nice over here. This is how you people treat our nice things. Y’all are really trash. Who raised you?”-Lindsey Ferreira.

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  1. One of the more peaceful and intimate parks in the city. Spent a lot of time there in my youth. Such a f’n shame. Too many people have zero respect for other’s or the world around them in general. Sad.

    • Those who are doing the bitching are the ones destroying it, gives them something to complain about. They don’t sh*t where they live so they are going to OTHER neighborhoods acting a fool. If the NBPD actually cracked down on the littering, noise and firework ordinance this kind of sh*t wouldn’t happen! Treat y’all like I’d treat my teenager when he’s acting up, its called DISCIPLINE!!! People need to bring a good ole boot to ass policy back because I instill that in my boys and NONE of them (I got 3) act like that, or would treat someone else’s property or belongings like that! Stop sh*tting in the neighborhoods and have some damn respect!

  2. While Tabitha Lane can’t be represented as peaceful, it does house New Bedford Housing for older people. We’ve been enduring the same noise and mess from people who – supposedly – live on Coggeshal. Weeks and weeks of it. As Chris says above, no respect. For those of us with PTSD, unbearable and unkind. For our pets, abusive.

  3. It’s a shame. These people set off fireworks every night scaring animals and children, trash people’s property, and break into cars. No respect due to a poor upbringing. These are also the people that complain the most about the city.

    I am surprised that police officers are not going after them. Fireworks happen to be illegal in Massachusetts.

  4. I couldn’t agree stronger. This has been an ongoing attitude for many years. Probably long before these ner do wells were ever born. Go on youtube and put New Bedford in. There are quite a few great videos about our city but then I read the comments. A bunch of slack jawed idiots that have never even been anywhere in their lives. A long trip to them might be Boston or CT. I’ve been all round this country and we have one of the MOST beautiful cities going. I also lived in East Baltimore for 15 years so I know what BAD can really be. These young ones show no respect for the hard work others do or their personal space. When I say I am not liked in my neck of the woods here I mean it. I say it like it is and if they don’t like it they can make a case of it. I have yet to get any takers with the NRA stickers on the house and cars. I’m Republican as well. Have respect!

  5. I agree with previous comments. Misuse of local parks and recreation areas decreases the effort put in by all of NB tax dollars.
    These kids and adults need to own up to their vandalism. Spelled out!! YOU ARE COMMITING VANDALISM!! Didn’t the “stay home” order give you an appreciation for family, love, life?
    You have such a diverse community with so much to offer. Be creative!
    Try scheduling events, have respect for others. When you’ve a chance in live teach, and be a role model.
    Children observe and behave accordingly.
    New Bedford IS greatly missed by my family, and I remember all the opportunities offered that helped our family prosper.

  6. My dear Lindsey, as someone who has lived in this city most of his life, many of New Bedford, are trash…i.e., their attitudes and apathy. Always has been such. Always will be such. And it will get worse. Especially after this covid crisis which will result in many, many who can afford it, to flee to the suburbs and exburbs and beyond to get away from the concentration of lethal cases of such viruses’.

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