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OPINION: “Buttonwood Park is being abandoned: worst I’ve seen it in 20 years.”


“What in hell’s blazes is going on with Buttonwood Park!? In over 20 years that I’ve lived in the area I have never seen it look this bad!

First, it was an issue with dead fish and now are they just abandoning the whole park? This place looks horrible. I can’t even bring my grandson here because I’m afraid of ticks or whatever else is in this long grass!” Nadine

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  1. It’s sad to see. I remember fishing the annual derby at the pond every year. I wouldn’t go near there now. Why the hell isn’t the city doing anything??

  2. We took a walk around the entire park today with our dog. I saw with my own eyes that the park is beautiful, well maintained and has many areas that were being joyfully used for recreation, sports and leisurely nature engagement. Yes, it’s true as the writer Nadine observed that around the pond there are some areas of grass and reeds growing unchecked – this is as they should be. The ducks and other waterfowl use the tall grasses as safe havens to nest and breed. Admittedly the shoreline looks rather terrible, but note the water level is low in most part due to the lack of rain and excessive heat in the region. I think the park is really a gem and something the City of New Bedford can rightly be proud of.

    • I don’t know what planet you’re on but I was just there yesterday at the pond on the street side opposite of The Pour House And the grass is taller than my knees! And the bushes are up to my hip! Go down there again and take some pictures and prove them wrong please!

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