OPINION: Brooklawn Park visitors litter and park in resident parking spots

“Are there any other residents living in the Brooklawn Park area that are getting a little irritated with a not being to park in front of their own homes with the baseball game going on?

I could understand if there were no parking spots available but as a resident that has to park at the park – in front of my house – I often can’t because non-residents are in my spot.

I would like to know why North end residents do not have the same courtesy as the South and beach residents, they have signs clearly posted that the parking is for residents only. Why are we not given that same courtesy?

Also, there are a lot of residents in this area that agree we don’t need to pick up park trash all over our lawns on a daily basis!!

Sorry about the venting! I do think it’s a great program for the children I just the wish the parents/visitors would be more respectful of the residents.” – ‎Cathy Poirier-Henriques‎

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