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OPINION: “BCSO officers are one of lowest paid, most assaulted, have highest suicide rates of state”


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“The officers of the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office are currently negotiating an upcoming contract. In the past twenty years, correctional officers in Bristol County have been one of the lowest paid in the state compared to other counties and the MA Department of Corrections.

Bristol County has also had one of the highest suicide rates throughout the state, including assaults on staff and TWO MAJOR DISTURBANCES in the past three years. The above has exceeded all other counties throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Despite the above noted facts, we still remain one of the lowest paid correctional officers throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, where our counterparts have received significant higher wages than us throughout the years. Recently, Governor Maura Healey, has given herself a twenty percent raise. We are being informed that the state parameters will soon be coming out favorable but it is still putting Bristol County behind other departments.

As the Chief Union Steward representing the officers of the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office, I say enough is enough. While the membership works countless hours with no relief in sight and being one of the lowest paid officer positions in the state, we often question: is the risk worth the reward?

As the Chief Union Steward, I am demanding that the State of Massachusetts, the Bristol County Delegation, State Representatives Carol Fiola, Alan Silvia, Paul Schmidt, Tony Cabral and Senator Mike Rodrigues and all other local politicians recognize the efforts of the hard working men and women who walk the toughest beat in the state. If you don’t believe they do, this is what we deal with on a daily basis.

Lt. Nathan Medeiros
Chief Union Steward
Nathan Medeiros.”

Nathan Medeiros photo.

Nathan Medeiros photo.

Nathan Medeiros photo.

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