OPINION: “If you have memorial items at New Bedford’s Sacred Heart Cemetery they are being removed!”

“Today I went to my family grave and found plastics flowers that had been there on Saturday, June 19 but today June 22 were gone.

I proceeded to the Maintenance Office at the bottom of the cemetery and asked if the items had been taken from the grave. The gentleman said if it is anything metal it is removed because it could rust in the ground and the object could become a projectile when mowing the grass.

I told him that the items that were taken were plastic. Here is a picture of a pile of items that the gentleman said to look through. These items were taken from graves by the cemetery workers for one reason or another.

Unfortunately, my items were not in the pile. It made me sick to go through all the items that were there. I felt a sense of loss for the families that had placed these items there.

SHAME ON THE CEMETERY for removing these items, some to me had no reason to be removed. In my opinion, it seems like LAZINESS is the key at Sacred Heart Cemetery.”-Wayne Gaboriault.

Wayne Gaboriault photo.

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