OPINION: “Let’s divert assistance from illegals to Puerto Ricans in need of relief”

The following was submitted to New Bedford Guide:

“Our city better stop the benefits, freebies and support to the damn illegals and give it to OUR people. OUR people coming over from Puerto Rico should be our #1 priority. No waiting for housing, health insurance, SNAP benefits (with or without children), teach them new trades, winter is coming we need to provide them with fuel for heat, and electricity all free.

All these things, of course, should be for a limited time maybe 6-12 months, giving them the opportunity to get their lives established and on their feet. They are priority #1. I know the city is trying to work out the details, but they better not limit the benefits to our people because of money. The money is there and plenty of it, if they stop supporting the illegals.

I will wait and see what happens, but I certainly will not be waiting long.” – Michelle

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