Off the Cuff: An Evening with Colin and Brad

By Mia Germain
By Mia Germain

Colin and Brad of Whose Line is it Anyway? bring an evening of interactive humor to New Bedford’s Zeiterion Theater

Yes, its really all made up on the spot. Improvisation is the key factor in the show, a form of live theater where everything from the plot to the characters is made up in the moment, from suggestions by the audience.

The hilarious hit EMMY-nominated TV series Whose Line is it Anyway? originated in Britain, spread to Hollywood and launched the careers of these two comedians, all the while providing endless laughter for us all at home. While this may be the most recognized example of improv theater, it is an incredible feat of comedic strength, practiced by many actors, but conquered by few. These two are certainly a part of the latter category.

Colin Mochrie, a regular on the show, is a familiar face, with familiar voices and quirks to match. Brad Sherwood also made appearances on the show, and has toured internationally.

Colin_Brad_400x200After touring with the larger cast of the TV series, these two have come together to put on a show of truly epic proportions. With the help of audience members, the two will act out game after game of improv gold. Come ready to shout out suggestions, move the two around the stage like puppets, and laugh until you cry.

The two-hour show culminates in what Colin and Brad like to call “The World’s Most Dangerous Improv Game” in which the two play the Alphabet Game, all the while tip toeing around 250 mousetraps littered across the stage. Between back-to-back lines beginning in successive letters, there are yelps of pain and, of course, offensive, as well as defensive, action.

The show is appropriate for ages 10 and up, although the show cannot be held accountable for the content of audience suggestions.

If you enjoyed Whose Line is it Anyway? or have never seen the show, but are looking for a laugh, this is the event for you.


For tickets, please visit https://ticketing.zeiterion.org

For more about the show, please visit http://www.colinandbradshow.com

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