The Isaac Newton. Vineyard Wind photo.

Off shore wind vessels will begin “Inter-Array Cables Installation” for Vineyard Wind project


From September 10th through mid-October, cable laying operations will be taking place off the coast of the Vineyard. The Cable laying will be for the inter-array cables beginning with array cables lines five and six.

This operation consists of 4 unique vessels.

C-Pioneer” is the stationary support vessel which will be supporting cable pulling activities for the inter-array cables.

Photo by Vineyard Wind.

Adhemar De Saint-Venant” is a trenching support vessel that will be performing cable trenching and burial works.

Photo by Vineyard Wind.

F/V Seafarer” is a safety vessel that will monitor traffic and facilitate safe movement of other vessels in the area.

The Seafarer. Photo by Vineyard Wind.

Isaac Newton” is the cable laying vessel which will be conducting cable laying operations and will remain on site until October.

The Isaac Newton. Photo by Vineyard Wind.

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