NYC-based “The Haz Mat Guys” team up with New Bedford Fire Department for live training

On Thursday, August 31st the New Bedford Fire Department hosted a training event where they conducted live fire scenarios involving lithium-ion batteries. The goal was to observe how these fires ignite, develop, and what the best practices are to extinguish and mitigate them.

Various industry representatives were involved including the State Fire Marshal, State fire investigators, members of the FDNY, and NYC based group “The Haz Mat Guys”.

Through podcasts, videos, forums, articles, and photos, “The Hazmat Guys” provide concise, easy-to-understand information on all aspects of hazardous materials response. Watching how they operated at this training event, they seem to have a “Mythbusters” approach to the way they conduct themselves, it was quite fascinating.

The fire development was monitored by viewing thermal imaging cameras, temperature recording devices, and gas detectors placed inside the building to determine what occurs once these batteries go into ‘thermal runaway”. There were also slow motion cameras set up to capture the explosions!

It is great to see the New Bedford Fire Department on the forefront working with industry leaders to tackle this growing issue. Lithium-ion batteries are very commonly used in residential homes, commercial businesses, industrial settings, electric vehicles, and energy storage systems. It is vital for fire departments across America to be well trained and equipped to fight Lithium-ion battery fires.

Here is a quick interview with New Bedford Fire Chief Kruger and Bobby from the “Haz Mat Guys” at the event: