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New Bedford’s six worst drug dealer infested streets


New Bedford Guide is building a database of all those charged in New Bedford with distributing/trafficking hard drugs like heroin, fentanyl, cocaine, crack, and other hard drugs. We will use the data to display where the drug dealers live, who the landlords are and then make the data available to the public. The goal is for landlords to be alerted to these arrests so they can act by removing the dealers from their property or not rent to them in the future.

Currently, we have all the arrests made from 1 January through 30 April of 2019 and some of the data imported for May. To date, the New Bedford police department made 75 distribution/trafficking arrests with 18 of them being fentanyl busts. Fentanyl was responsible for 89% of all the overdose deaths in Massachusetts in 2018.

Nearly one-third (29%) of those arrested for distribution/trafficking of hard drugs lived on six streets in New Bedford:

County Street – Five Drug Dealers

665 County Street New Bedford.

County Street topped the list where most of the drug dealers live in New Bedford with five. There were also two additional arrests on County Street, but the dealers lived in a different part of the city. While County Street is one of the longest streets in New Bedford, all of those arrested for dealing lived north of Sycamore Street.

The people arrested for dealing live at 625, 665, 840, 874, and 1107 County Street. All of those arrested are being charged with heroin and/or fentanyl distribution charges.

Acushnet Ave and Ashley Street – Four Drug Dealers

280 Acushnet Ave New Bedford.

Acushnet Ave and Ashley Street each provide sanctuary to four people arrested for dealing/trafficking hard drugs. The people arrested for dealing live at 280, 1529 (two roommates) and 1305 Acushnet Ave. Charges include cocaine, crack, and Class E drug distribution.

The people arrested for dealing on Ashley Street live at 37 (three roommates) and 50 Ashley Street. Charges include opioid/cocaine or Class E drug distribution.

Chestnut, Division and North Front streets – Three Drug Dealers

Chestnut Street, Division Street, and North Front Streets each provide sanctuary to three people arrested for dealing/trafficking hard drugs. The people arrested for dealing live at 27 and 96 (two roommates) Chestnut Street. Charges include heroin distribution or fentanyl trafficking.

195 Division Street in New Bedford.

The people arrested for dealing on Division Street live at 43 (two roommates) and 195 Division Street. Charges include Class E drug or fentanyl distribution.

315 North Front Street in New Bedford.

The people arrested for dealing on North Front Street live at 49, 259 and 315 North Front Street. Charges include Class A Drug, Class B Drug, and crack, distribution. Class A drug charges usually mean heroin and Class B drugs usually mean fentanyl.

The database of names will be made available later this month.

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  1. You state that the purpose of this article is to inform landlords so that they may remove tenants or not rent to them. However, the use of your site by a landlord to deny an applicant based of criminal activity is not only a violation of HUD’s fair housing laws, it also puts you and the New Bedford Guide at direct risk of suit or other liability for fair housing discrimination allegations. MA uses the CORI system because the information is from CONVICTIONS, rather than arrests. This is very important. Mass.gov has these laws and many others concerning housing that should be read prior to publishing articles of this nature.

    • Always has to to be someone who plays the other side. It looks like Lisa wouldn’t mind having her house filled with drugs dealers. Have no idea why when someone does something positive a negative spin has to come with it. As a Landlord the more the information we can get to clean up the areas the better. Thank you New Bedford guide for this information.

    • Maybe you should read the HUD Fair Housing law if you are going to reference it.

      “The Fair Housing Act prohibits this discrimination because of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, and disability.”

      Nowhere does it say “discrimination against a known drug dealer.”


  2. Karen Zegarowski

    We have always (since 2002) thought we have the best neighbors – neighbors who have become great friends, take care of their properties, look out for each other. BUT also that we have the worst neighbors including the Savoy Nursing Home. The litter dumped by staff, passing pedestrians and drug dealers/drug consumers openly dealing has made living on Campbell St. an ongoing challenge. Lisa, the stories I could tell you about being repeatedly woken up in the middle of the night from loud arguments, blaring music, picking up nip bottles thrown onto our property, etc. would take quite awhile.
    I hope the New Bedford Police are reading this article, in my opinion they truly do a good job – they also need our eyes/ears to report what we see. Clearly, they have made arrests of people who deal, do not care about their neighborhood or surroundings and will not stop unless arrested, sometimes repeatedly arrested even while awaiting trial. Thank You New Bedford Guide for such in depth reporting!

  3. Karen Zegarowski

    Thank you New Bedford Guide for such indepth reporting. I report what I see and the police do respond – thank you to the NBPD also.

  4. How do we no who was arrested if there isnt names

  5. This is a good idea I like it,does anyone know any good landlords out here that will accept pets 4cats well trained the rent so high in New Bedford some want high rent but no pets if anyone knows any good landlords good spots to live please let me know, thank you,anyway this is a good idea let landlords know about the drug dealers

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