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New Bedford’s GNBVT High School is thrilled to announce the celebration of Multicultural Day


“Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School (GNBVT) is thrilled to announce the celebration of Multicultural Day on Friday, April 12, 2024. This inaugural event is a significant step toward celebrating the diverse backgrounds of our student body and emphasizing our commitment to fostering an environment of inclusion, diversity, equity, and belonging within our school community.

Multicultural Day is set to offer an enlightening and engaging experience, symbolizing GNBVT’s dedication to creating an educational setting where every faculty, staff, and student feels valued, heard, and included. Through a variety of planned activities, we aim to cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation for the multitude of cultures represented at our school, reinforcing the idea that diversity is our strength.

Yolanda Dennis, Director of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Family Engagement, shares her enthusiasm for the upcoming festivities, “Multicultural Day represents our relentless pursuit of an inclusive, empathetic, and welcoming school culture. It provides a vibrant platform for students to explore and celebrate the myriad cultures within our community, fostering a day rich in learning, connection, and relationship-building.”

On this special day, the GNBVT Student Council encourages students, faculty, and staff to wear attire that reflects their cultural heritage, adding an element to the celebration of diversity. The day will begin with a student-curated diverse breakfast, followed by a specially themed lunch menu, offering a taste of the wide array of cultures present within our school community.

In addition to the culinary experiences, Multicultural Day will feature a series of activities throughout all lunch shifts. By facilitating these experiences, GNBVT not only aims to educate, but also to inspire our students to embrace and celebrate diversity in all its forms.”

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