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New Bedford’s beloved Ma’s Donuts being forced to stop using their name


At the end of March we shared the good news that Ma’s Donuts was reopening after being closed for almost 5 years. All of New Bedford and beyond was super excited and waiting with bated breath for an official announcement of an opening date so we can all get our hands on the best donuts made in the land.

However, it appears that after they closed their shop in 2016 someone saw an opportunity to trademark the name “Ma’s Donuts.” In a Facebook post Ma’s Donuts stated that “We have been informed of a potential trademark infringement from a Rhode Island based donut shop, who took the liberty of trying to capitalize on the Ma’s Donuts name and trademarking it after we shut down.”

The new owners, Sheila and Eddie Lemieux, have taken it all in stride and even humorously stated “Some positive words from Sheila to the community are (Donut worry)!”

So, while the bad news is that the simple lettering “Ma’s Donut & Coffee Shop” that we drove by for more than 65 years will disappear, the donuts we’ve fallen in love with will not. It’ll be tough to say goodbye to the name, and we’ll eventually get used to the new one, but we can dry our tears with a dozen or five doughnuts.


Since Ma’s Donuts doesn’t have a new name yet, how about we help them out? If you could rename the new shop what would you call it? Post in the comment section or email us at info@newbedfordguide.com.

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  1. Kathleen Smigel

    Grandma’s donuts

  2. “Grandma’s Donuts” still has the “Ma’s” sound (and everyone is still going to call it Ma’s)

  3. Brenda. Martin

    Ma and Pa’s Donuts. Since it is operated by both of them.


  5. Maa’s donuts, one more letter A, they can’t touch you.

  6. “The original, Ma’s donuts” or ” Better than all the rest, Ma’s donuts” or “New Bedford’s Ma’s donuts”

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