New Bedford’s 3rd Annual Love Your Heart Event to Take Place February 11th

Communities and neighborhoods throughout the City of New Bedford will once again join a growing national movement to “Love Your Heart” on February 11th. Individuals will have a chance to receive free blood pressure screenings at participating locations, helping them to “know their numbers” and learn more about their heart health.

Originally started by the County of San Diego in California, the event has grown, primarily across the West Coast and South into Mexico. Now, in partnership with Live Well San Diego and LoveYourHeartSD, New Bedford marks the first location in the East Coast to fully implement and join the event.

Dozens of locations are participating in this year’s event, offering free blood pressure screenings and resources to those stop by. Trained volunteers will administer the screenings and provide participants with a rating of their blood pressure and risk for harm. Those who participate will get to “know their number” and receive information specific to their current blood pressure reading. They’ll also receive educational materials and guidance on what to do to both improve and/or maintain optimal heart health.

In addition, the American Heart Association will also be participating with the implementation of its Check. Change. Control.® program. The program’s CCC Tracker tool provides information and education about an individual’s condition, as well as tools and resources, and action plans suited to each individual’s particular health needs. The CCC Tracker allows users to set up text message reminders, text in readings, and connect with a volunteer health mentor to help support his/her health goals.

According to Michael Rocha, M.D., cardiologist at Hawthorn Medical Associates and Director of the New Bedford Wellness Initiative, “4 out of 5 heart attacks are preventable, if patients exercise regularly, quit smoking, reduce stress, eat healthy, and control their blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol.”

He adds, “About 30% of adults have high blood pressure and only about 50% have it under control. Uncontrolled hypertension can lead to heart attacks, strokes, heart failure and kidney disease. We need people to ‘Love Your Heart’ because “Life is Why.”

Love Your Heart NB engages various community partners in healthcare, the fire and police community, universities, city government, nonprofits, and the business community. The event will take place on Sunday February 11th from 9:00am – 1:00pm at participating sites. All locations can be found at

Local Hashtag: #LoveYourHeartNB

Participating Sites:
● New Bedford Boys and Girls Club – 166 Jenney St., 02740
● YMCA New Bedford – 25 South Water St., 02740
● Tabor Mills – 217 Deane St., 02746
● Olympia Towers – 651 Purchase St., 02740
● New Bedford Hotel – 725 Pleasant St., 02740
● New Life South Coast – 225 Hathaway Blvd., 02740
● Tripp Towers – 12 Ruth St., 02744
● King Village – 276 Cottage St., 02740
● Market Basket – 122 Sawyer St., 02746
● Price Rite – 139 Hathaway Rd., 02746
● Price Rite – 39 South St., 02740
● Care One – 221 Fitzgerald Dr., 02745
● Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church – 230 Bonney St., 02744
● Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception – 136 Earle St., 02746
● First Church of the Nazarene – 764 Hathaway Rd., 02740
● Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish – 233 County St., 02740
● St. Mary’s Church- 106 Illinois St. 02745
● New Life Tabernacle at Keith Middle School, 225 Hathaway Blvd., 02740
● St. Martin’s Episcopal Church – 136 Rivet St., 02744
● Christian Fellowship Center – 822 Church St 02745

List of Partners
● New Bedford Wellness Initiative
● New Bedford Health Department
● Community Nurse Home Care
● New Bedford EMS
● New Bedford Fire Department
● Hawthorn Medical Associates
● Southcoast Health System
● UMass Dartmouth Nursing School
● STAT New England
● Greater New Bedford Vocational Technical High School
● YMCA SouthCoast, New Bedford
● New Bedford Police Department
● City of New Bedford
● Greater New Bedford Health Center
● Care One
● New Bedford Boys and Girls Club
● Price Rite
● Market Basket
● Immigrants’ Assistance Center, Inc
● American Heart Association, Southern New England
● New Bedford Parks Recreation & Beaches
● Live Well San Diego
● Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church
● Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church
● New Life SouthCoast
● First Church of the Nazarene
● Christian Fellowship Center
● St. Martin’s Episcopal Church
● Tabor Mills
● Olympia Towers
● New Bedford Hotel
● Tripp Towers
● King Village