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Photo by mjc2016.

New Bedford’s 10 best recreational walking paths (Part 1)


2. Fort Taber- Fort Rodman

Nice aerial view of Fort Taber. Photo by Michael J Cabarles.

The park at Fort Rodman – Fort Taber provides a ton of family amenities – ice cream/lunch spot, tables to eat, a military museum, bathrooms and a historic fort. A walk around the southern most part of the fort provides a fantastic view of the New Bedford harbor – facing Fairhaven, the Atlantic Ocean and Clarks Cove – facing Dartmouth. After a walk, relax and watch all the boats go in and out of the harbor. 

Check our event calendar often because sometimes they open the fort for an amazing look around:

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  1. Im not being sarcastic but am I missing something? When did Buttonwood Park Get ” a dozen” of monuments?
    I can remember 4?
    Can anyone tell me where they are? I would like to check them out.

    • Darline, off the top of my head:

      1. Jewish/holocaust monument
      2. Fishing monument at the round about
      3. Portuguese monument
      4. Italian American monument
      5. Military Memorial at the Brownell Ave entrance/exit
      6. New one at the library
      7. African American monument
      8. One by the pond.

      I’d have to walk around again to get exact numbers.

  2. Also:

    – The Jewish War Veterans monument at the corner of Rockdale and Hawthorn
    – In addition to the Barnard monument (#2 above), there is small one northeast of the Barnard monument just off the rotary, and another large monument at the corner of Buttonwood and Lake streets. I believe one of these is #4 above (Lake St.?) and the second is to municipal workers, though I stand to be corrected on this.
    – There is another veterans/war memorial just to the west of the Waldron Barracks building along the walking path just inside the wall along Route six at the northern border of the park. This used to be more elaborate, but part of it was moved down to Fort Taber.
    – Just outside the park, there is the Doughboy World War I statue/Monument at the junction of Route 6 and North Street.
    – There may be one or two more monuments in the park

  3. The artists of the mural at the CoveWalk are Ryan McFee and Todd Woodward.

  4. The only place I like to walk in New Bedford is Fort Taber. It’s quiet, away from city traffic, & beautiful.

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